MOGS a SCAM,Really?

Today,I am taking a little time to review a MMORPG Services provider from MOGS .There are tons of websites selling MMORPG currency as far as i am concerned and one of them is MOGS . There are many fraudulent activities,unpleasant dealings and complaints we have heard all over the internet connecting to MMORPG Currency Seller. In light of this matter,i would like to share a review of MOGS Services.So let us continue with our MOGS review. 

Who is MOGS ?

Massive Online Gaming Sales LLC (MOGS) was formed in 2004 by a group of veteran MMO gamers based in Ohio, USA. Previously the team had worked individually in the secondary market of MMORPGs since 1998 operating on a small scale via eBay and other trading platforms. With each team member bringing unique skills and experiences to the industry, MOGS developed a service that intimately understood the needs of gamers and sought to satisfy those needs in a way that would build lasting relationships with customers.

Success as a business is due to this deep rooted understanding of its customers. Many of MOGS's competitors are built on capital from third party investors and survive by outsourcing operations to Asia, often leading to poor service delivery due to non-comprehension of customer values. Conversely, MOGS exists as an independent company, operating all processes from central offices in Ohio and continuing the philosophy it was built on; by gamers,for gamers.

What do they Sell?  

You can get MMORPG Cd keys,Game Currencies,Power Leveling and Game Accounts at MOGS.

Age of Conan


Champions Online

Darkfall Online

EVE Online


Everquest 2

Final Fantasy XI

Lineage 2

Lord of the Rings Online

Star Wars Galaxies

Ultima Online

Warhammer Online

World of Warcraft

Free Realms

Knight Online


Nintendo Wii

Red Stone


Sword of the New World

War Rock

XBox Live

Atlantica Online


Ether Saga

GamersFirst Credits

Knight Online

Mu Online


Is it good to do business with MOGS ? 

To this day, MOGS continues to innovate where others consolidate. The company consistently invests in new processes to shorten delivery times, enhance the clarity of communication and delight its customers. There are also plans for community-focussed additions to the MOGS service to help customers get the most out of your gaming experience. This clearly displays the company's intent of being an active stimulus in the gaming marketplace, rather than a being cash-cow in the portfolio of a venture capitalist.

Should I shop at MOGS Now?   

Why not? You don't have to think twice to get your mmorpg services from MOGS.It is safe and secure to purchase from them and I highly recommended them because at least you won't stumble upon some not so english customer service representative.

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